Gnosis Architettura

The study Gnosis for about five years supports companies in tenders integrated, contract competition, contract with improvements, most economically advantageous tenders, etc..

Systematically, on an annual basis, we discuss the results of all races addressed in order to record the data and elaborate some statistics.

This integrated procurement system, which sees the designers associated with businesses from a shared risk, saw the Gnosis participate in competitions where about 125 got 19 first places, 13 seconds and seven thirds.
Overall, the Gnosis was the winner in 37.14%, winning races in 18.1% of cases, ranking second for 12.38% and 6.67% for the third.

More and more studies will invest all his team, architects, service engineers, structural engineers, geologists, archaeologists, surveyors, etc. with their energy to do even better in the future, for themselves and for businesses who believe in them.