Gnosis Architettura

Systematically, annually reviews the result of all races addressed in order to record the data and draw some statistics.
This system of integrated contracts, which sees designers-related to companies from a shared risk, saw the Gnosis participate by the year 2009 a year 2014 to about 174 competitions where he earned 26 first places, 21 seconds and 8 thirds.
Overall, the Gnosis was the winner in 31,61%, winning races in 14,64% of cases, ranking second for 12,07% and 4,60% for the third.

Only in 2014, the Gnosis has competed 31 races, mostly are still beiing awarded. Among those awarded, only 16, the Gnosis has won 7 times the first technical score, finished second four times and third three times. So the top three the 35, 50% of the races addressed and 23% in first place of the races so far auctioned (50%).

In the year 2014, the Gnosis was awarded: the ZTL of Aversa, the Urban Archeological Park Hipponion of Vibo Valentia, the nursery of carinola, the restoration of San Paolo maggione in Naples, the Museum of Villa Rose Palermo, restoration Liceo Scientifico Galileo Galilei of Naples.