Gnosis Architettura

Studio Architettura Napoli, Ordine architetti Napoli, Facoltà Architettura Napoli.

Gnosis Architecture is a design studio full engaged on several fronts : the urban-scale interventions to the preparations in areas of historical, artistic and archaeological value to the design of spaces for leisure , the extensive redevelopment of industrial areas and design.
True to believe in the efficiency of collective intelligence, from more than ten years are supported by a group of architects and engineers articulated and well-integrated , using the constructive practice the use of innovative technologies and experimental materials , both in architectural and structural plant .
Characteristic is the method of its first phase addressed through the design freehand sketches often watercolor , where are traceable in a nutshell all the elements defined in the following charts executive , complete with every construction detail , all in accordance with the strong belief that the control of the detail is the only means of ensuring perfect compliance of the work carried out as planned.