It is passion, profession and ambition: contemporary building on the built.

The quality of a project
can be approached in two ways
The first way is that of all passatist and decadent cultures: reproducing the formal references of tradition, seeking in the name of the designer (read archistar) the viaticum to ferry old models into apathetic contemporary culture.
The second way is
looking to the future
with energetic hope: entrusting architecture with the role of manifesto of the time that commissions it, making architecture the place of confrontation between technique and collectivity.
Gnosis has chosen this second path.
In this decadent age, which looks to the past as a convenient lifeline, Gnosis chooses to believe in the future, strenuously pursuing the quality of design through confrontation between designers and the community.
Constructing new buildings,
restoring and refurbishing architecture
from the past has a great impact on the community that demands these interventions.
Gnosis feels this responsibility strongly and tries in all projects not to betray this task.
Our design work is the expression of an
articulate collective of professionals
who mature their choices in a continuous confrontation of different minds and emotions.
The solutions we propose look to the future without forgetting what the past has given us. But if we banally reproduce the past, without the courage to represent our present, what message will we leave to future generations?
after 30 years of research
, we continue to draw the future certain that the wind of decadence will soon change direction, giving our culture, as has happened many times in the past, a new and radiant renaissance.
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Archaelogical Museum of Aquileia
Linate Airport
Oscar Niemeyer Auditorium


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